Leslie Thompkins Leaves 'Gotham' After A Tragic Loss, But Jim Must Stay Behind To Deal With His Foes

Gotham wasn't going to let its protagonist rot in jail for long, so it's no surprise that Jim Gordon escaped from prison in "Prisoners." Though Jim had a corrupt warden to take down, he was faced with some more surprising, tragic news: Dr. Leslie Thompkins left Gotham after suffering a miscarriage. It's a surprise to see the character written off so abruptly, but it might have something to do with the birth of Morena Baccarin and Ben McKenzie's baby in real life, which is a much happier reason to say goodbye to the character.

Regardless of the off-screen reason, Lee is gone — at least for now — and Jim knows he has to clear his name before he can go after her, so he's stuck in Gotham City while she's "down South," according to Harvey Bullock. And while Harvey provided Jim with a handy assist during the escape, he couldn't have done it without the return of an old friend — former mobster Don Falcone, who ran off at the end of Season 1.

Falcone ceded most of his empire to the Penguin, who has since been supplanted by Butch Gilzean. I'm not sure if this reappearance means that Falcone is going to attempt to take the city back, but he certainly still has some influence, since it's his sources that are able to bust Jim out of Blackgate.

Now that Jim is free, albeit in hiding, he's going after the person who exposed the truth behind the Galavan killing and framed him for the murder of a fellow officer. Little does he know that the actual culprit is Edward Nygma, who's been skulking around, watching Harvey work and possibly putting together that Jim Gordon is hot on his trail. As the future Riddler and police commissioner continue to circle around one another, it seems that in order to clear his name, Jim might have to outsmart Nygma, who's proving to be one of the most talented villains on Gotham yet. So far, the only person to suspect him was Lee — and she's no longer working at the GCPD.

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