Sad News, 'Vampire Diaries' Fans

Fans may be passing by the "Now Leaving Mystic Falls" sign sooner than they expected. On Sunday, TVLine reported that Ian Somerhalder told fans at Nashville's WalkerStalkerCon that The Vampire Diaries will end with Season 8. It should be noted that no official announcement has been made by The CW yet, but it certainly sounds like Somerhalder is preparing to say goodbye to the show at the end of next season. "We have decided to do one last season to really do the story justice," Somerhalder said at the convention. A rep for the show, meanwhile, told Bustle that "no decision has been made" about the series' future.

Somerhalder's comments come just days after the series' beloved witch Bonnie, Kat Graham, said Season 8 would be her last even if the show does get renewed for Season 9. Say it ain't so! Yet while it would be wonderful if the show could go on forever, if it is going to end, then it should end in style — the Salvatore brothers wouldn't have it any other way. After star Nina Dobrev departed the series at the end of Season 6, many thought The Vampire Diaries was doomed, but this season has brought a renewed sense of energy and creativity to the show. With Somerhalder's Damon peacing out in a coffin for three years only to wake up to a world where everyone he ever cared about is being hunted, Season 7 is headed for a thrilling finale in the coming weeks.

If Somerhalder isn't getting ahead of himself with his announcement, then the show is in the perfect position to head into the final stretch of the Salvatore's story, and maybe even prepare for a reunion between Elena and Damon. The actor has always been a passionate supporter of his show, so if he is preparing fans for the final season, then there is strong chance that this is the real deal, as upsetting as the news may be.

Somerhalder has made Damon such an iconic character, the thought of not having him onscreen being snarky and tortured every week is like a stake to the heart. However, even though Damon, Stefan, and the rest of their vampire pals are immortal, nothing lasts forever — not even super addictive supernatural soaps. At least fans can start preparing for the end now. Whatever the writers have in store for the final season, I'm sure it will earn Somerhalder and Damon's bloody stamp of approval.

Images: Quantrell Colbert/The CW; Giphy