Rachel Zoe’s Latest Instagram Pic Makes Us Wish ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ Wasn’t Cancelled

Need concrete proof that The Rachel Zoe Project should never have been cancelled? Check out Rachel Zoe's latest Instagram pic. In the photo, Zoe watches the Oscar De La Renta show online while holding her infact son, Kai, on her chest. It. Is. Everything. Zoe is joined by her associate stylist, Jordan Johnson, on her Missoni pillow covered bed because apparently the WiFi was down at her office. Zoe captioned the photo, "This is how @msjordanjohnson of @rachelzoestudio and I watch the Oscar de la Renta show when No wifi at the office #ODLRLIVE #RZFW #STUNNING" The whole thing sums up what could have been a perfect episode of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Here's how it would have gone down:

The episode starts with Rachel complaining about how much it sucks that she's missing New York Fashion Week. It was one thing when she had to miss shows sometimes before she was a designer, but to not be there showing her collection now that she's made the transition is so hard. Of course this is all in voice over while a montage of fashion show clips play — models on the runway, editors being snapped for street style pics, a brief, almost unnoticeable shot of Brad Goreski.

Rachel decides that she's just going to try to make the best of it. She takes off her "mom hat" for a little while so she can put on her "stylist hat" and heads down to her office to check on things. Oh no! The WiFi is down! Rachel says, "Oh my god. Are you kidding me? Of course the WiFi would stop working on the same day I'm missing Oscar De La Renta's show." Immediately after, Rachel launches into a five minute story about how Oscar De La Renta is EVERYTHING. The phrase "I die" is used no less than six times.

Later, Rachel and Roger talk about Skylar's wardrobe and whether or not is it appropriately masculine, but none of that matters because the WiFi is still down and so her staff can't receive important Oscar-related emails! "Why do the Oscars and Fashion Week have to be at literally same time every year? Like, oh my god," Rachel says to the camera. One of Rachel's current assistants who is not Taylor or Brad or Jeremiah so their name doesn't matter, suggests that Rachel takes it easy and just watches the show at home where she can enjoy family and fashion. "Shut the front door. That is literally the best idea ever," Rachel responds while bringing Jordan with her because she likes her best.

At home, Rachel and Jordan enjoy the live stream of the show from her plush, comfortable bed while Kai peacefully rests on her chest. Rachel realizes that being a mom means more than being a fashion designer. "This is my everything now. I can be with my family and enjoy Fashion Week at the same time," Rachel says even though this is the, like, eighth time an episode has been framed in this way. "Of course, I'm going to keep wearing vintage Chanel while changing diapers," she adds with a smile into the camera.

Next week: Rachel heads to Paris Fashion Week but forgets to pack "that vintage Hermes bag with the ah-maz-ing detailing." Oh no! What's going to happen?!

Images: Getty Images; Rachel Zoe/Instagram