The MTV Movie Awards Aren't Your Typical Show

Like most Hollywood awards shows, the 2016 MTV Movie Awards were filled with celebrity appearances, big prizes, and hilarious speeches — which viewers already know all about because, unlike most awards shows, MTV's ceremony actually pre-taped the night before the show aired on TV. This came as a surprise to many viewers expecting a totally live experience on Sunday night, but the MTV Movie Awards aren't exactly known for doing things predictably, are they? And the reason why the MTV Movie Awards pre-taped is actually pretty interesting.

Speaking to Variety in February, the show's executive producer, Casey Patterson, explained that the choice to pre-tape is due to the desire to do something a bit untraditional with the show. “We want to do a big, brave thing to celebrate movies,” Patterson said. “We love Kevin [Hart] and Dwayne [Johnson] for doing big, risky, bold things. Most award shows play it safe. They’re the right guys to take big swings.”

According to Variety, the show was taped on the Warner Bros. lot using several outdoor locations. This is a big change from most awards shows, which tape live (or a few minutes behind) at one theater or soundstage. The MTV Movie Awards are the first show to film using a whole backlot, and according to Patterson, it's because it allows the show to "celebrate films" in a unique way.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"We’re going right where movies are made and we’re making this show right in the heart of that," said the producer. "We want to celebrate all the films of the year in a really theatrical way, and this space really allows us to do that.” In addition, the huge outdoor space meant that the show could incorporate plenty of fans, Patterson told Variety, which the audience should love.

So while the MTV Movie Awards might not be full of quite as many surprises as usual, the show will have a totally fun feel — something fans tuning in Saturday and Sunday nights can appreciate.