Charlize Theron Made A Killer 'Mad Max' Reference

The very first award given out at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards was a big one: Best Female performance. Charlize Theron won the MTV Movie Award for Mad Max: Fury Road and her performance as Imperator Furiosa, which added new dimensions to the word "awesome" last year. "I have my very own War Boys!" Theron said as she accepted the Golden Popcorn, but who are the War Boys? Well, it's a reference to the film that won her the Movie Award. In their opening performance, hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart walked in with some post-apocalyptic gear right out of Fury Road, and a chorus of extras dressed as War Boys in the background.

The War Boys were some of the many instantly iconic characters to be found in Mad Max: Fury Road. You may remember them as the hairless, shirtless soldiers who painted their entire bodies white, with dark circles around their eyes and a bad habit of huffing a silvery substance. They have an obsessive desire to impress their leader, Immortan Joe, and believe if they serve Joe well enough, that they'll go to "Valhalla," their version of the afterlife. Nicholas Hoult played Nux, a War Boy who, alongside Max (Tom Hardy) helped Furiosa in her quest to save Immortan Joe's "wives" from a lifetime of slavery.

While onscreen, Furiosa battled her way through seas of War Boys, at the MTV Movie Awards, which were pre-taped on Saturday, the Mad Max: Fury Road characters had an extra big cheer for Theron's big win.