The Cast Of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' At The 2016 MTV Movie Awards Was 'Game Of Thrones' Ready — PHOTOS

Clothing may have been sparse (read: barely available) in Mad Max: Fury Road, but on April 9, the cast of Mad Max at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards looked stunning, polished, and totally civilized. That is, the one cast member who showed up: None other than the inimitable Charlize Theron. With the 40-year-old actor there to rep the film, it's no surprise that we can now associate Mad Max with a big sartorial win.

Let's just take a trip down memory lane and point out Theron's most memorable looks, shall we? My personal favorite happens to be her 2016 Academy Awards ensemble, when she absolutely stunned in a rich red gown, complete with an insanely deep V neck and gorgeous jewels to match. Theron was the definition of glamorous in this look, and I have to say, it's a hard one to beat. But on the MTV carpet, she did it yet again.

It's too bad that Tom Hardy's style didn't make an appearance. Not only does he have the best old MySpace photos out there, but he's sure cleaned his look up since then. He used to be fond of rocking trucker hats, but now he's more into fitted suits and cool sunnies.

On the MTV Movie Awards carpet, however, Theron made sure to dress to impress.

Charlize Theron

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Has there ever existed a more glorious dress than this? From the see-through lace sleeves to the bedazzled low neckline, Theron basically looked prepared to guest star Game Of Thrones.

Here's hoping the next award show sees more of this star-studded cast. Until then, there is no better sartorial representative than Theron.

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