What You Need To Know About The Secret Facebook

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While we were all freaking out over Facebook Live and its crazy technological possibilities, Mark Zuckerberg let another important piece of Facebook news slip. If you watched his recent Facebook Live video, you're probably wondering — what is Facebook Yellow? I know, I know. It smacks a little bit of those '90s arguments you had over who had the better Gameboy experience, the punks on Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue. But this is so much bigger than Squirtle versus Charizard, you guys. OK, not it's not, but is does look pretty tight and Zuckerberg gave us a tiny sneak peek of what it will look like.

Facebook Yellow is rumored to be the next update to the Facebook phone app, complete with new options and features. Zuckerberg was demonstrating how to use Facebook Live with his own phone when he mentioned that he was pulling up the “yellow version of the Facebook app, which is our internal build.” Sounds fancy pants, right? So can we expect those fancy pants to come in normal layperson sizes for the rest of us? Zuckerberg confirmed in the video that, "Not everything there's gonna launch — some of it will over time." And if you compare your Facebook interface with your friends' interfaces, you might see a difference in the rollouts yourself.

So what might we expect if Facebook Yellow becomes universally available? Here's a screenshot from Zuckerberg's broadcast that gives away some of the new elements:

OK, super sleuthers — here are some new things you might have spotted:


Presumably you could upload a bunch of pictures at once in a way that will somehow differ from individual Facebook albums — maybe it'll just go through pics automatically without you having to click it? Now you can pretend it was an accident when you stalk your ex!


While Facebook really tried to appease us with all the new Facebook like buttons, the truth is that the only way we know how to funnel our emotions now is in GIF-form. It's too late for us.


This is by far the most intriguing button on Facebook Yellow. There were rumors last July that Facebook was speaking with music labels about a possible music integration into the platform — is that happening sooner rather than later?

In the meantime, we'll just have to enjoy our Facebook Noncolor in anticipation of what new wonders ~Facebook Yellow~ might bring.

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