These New 'Gilmore Girls' Photos Are Very Telling

While a lot has changed for the Gilmore Girls in the new revival (which makes sense, it has been nine years), a lot also seems to have stayed the same. In three new Gilmore Girls revival photos Netflix unleashed for their fans, we see a Stars Hollow we are very familiar with, and that feels great. It's nice to know that town meetings will still be shock-inducing, Rory is still getting dressed up for drinks and dinner at Emily's house, and the two girls still gab over coffee. These images will have you humming "where you lead, I will follow," pouring yourself your own cup o' joe, and reminiscing on some of your favorite Gilmore Girls moments.

The first image shows Rory and Lorelei chatting over Chinese food, coffee, ice cream, and Pop Tarts. From this spread, I think we can assume that Rory had a bad day (possibly at her first day teaching at Chilton?), and she is letting off a little steam to her mother. Or maybe it's Rory's first day back in Stars Hollow, so Lorelei was simply providing a bounty of all her daughter's favorite foods? In the Gilmore girls' world, this is a breakfast (lunch? dinner?) of champions and also of commiseration. Something has definitely gone down.

The second image shows a town meeting, which it seems Lorelei has yet again forced Luke to attend (rejoice Lorelei and Luke 'shippers). The event also could be a show brought on by the indomitable Ms. Patty, but, whatever it is, Luke and Lorelei are clearly shocked by the goings-on. I am so curious as to what all of this is about.

The third image has us back at the main Gilmore homestead, sadly Richard-less. From the dressed up nature of Rory, and the fancy drinks being poured in the background, I'm going to assume this is one of the famous Gilmore weekly dinners. Based on the sassy look on Emily's face, it seems that Lorelei refused to show up

— though, with Emily's standard attitude, she could be making that face for any number of reasons.

It's good to know that our solid favorites are still solid favorites. Sure, some things will be very different, as must happen as time passes, but fans will have a few old traditions to keep us grounded. I can't wait to see what Stars Hollow (and Netflix) has waiting for us.

Images: Netflix (3)