12 Names Your Friends Might Give Their Kids

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Somehow I've fallen into a time warp that's taken me from the age where I'm obsessed with names because my new dolls need them, to the age where the name obsession returns for the naming of the future children of my friends. As my friends get married and engaged and begin to try on their new last names, they tend to play around with the first names of a few people who might come to share that new last name, too.

And because my obsession with name changing has never waned, I'm very happy to help out with suggestions. And if there's anything I've learned about names, it's that what you think might be a very creative and unique name, might be incredibly popular, so it's always best to check the Social Security Administration to see. The yearly name round ups typically encompass a mix of three things: popular celebrity names of the year, popular character names from movies, and retro revivals of classic names. For example: Zoe, Bella, Evelyn. Yes, that's right, Bella and Edward are still among popular baby names. I imagine there will soon be some Anastasias and Christians, too.

And if I had to assign a description to the new trends in baby names, it would be that over the last decade there was a lot of experimentation with names that were not typical — nouns. Places, foods. flowers, animals. But now, there's been a turn back towards strong names. Lots of biblical and Shakespearian references. Millennial babies have names similar to people a century prior. The "Apples" are fading and the "Ophelias" are rising. Expect to be "auntie" to a couple of these other rising popular names of the last two years.


A Dutch and French variation of "Anna". Meaning: with grace.


Hebrew origins. Meaning: ready and willing, breath.


English origins. It's an occupational name, meaning a person who works with stone. Also known as Kourtney Kardashian's son.


A Scandinavian name. Meaning: divinely beautiful.


French origins. Meaning: light. Also known as a name ironically given to vampires in supernatural TV shows.


It's a place. You've heard of it. Also known as a Sports Illustrated model and David Beckam's son.


Latin origins. Meaning: from Attica. Also known as Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird.


English origins. Meaning: player of the harp.


Latin origins. Meaning: dawn. Also known as Sleeping Beauty.


English origins. Meaning: willow tree. Also known as Will Smith's daughter. Also known as "I Whip My Hair Back and Forth".


English origins. Meaning: great, magnificent.


Greek origins. Meaning: weaver. Also known from Kourtney Kardashian's daughter, who is also known as baby P.

Images: Giphy, Pexels