What's Going On In This 'Gilmore Girls' Picture?

by Jordana Lipsitz

Because they know we are all irrevocably and unabashedly hooked, Netflix unleashed three more stills from the Gilmore Girls revival to tease us with just a tad more knowledge on the upcoming four-part series. But one of the stills gives quite a bit of room for the imagination: Luke and Lorelei are in the audience in Ms. Patty's dance studio, watching something that shocks them. But what exactly is going on in this Gilmore Girls revival photo? The rest of the audience is also rocking confused, amused, or shocked faces, so something fascinating must be happening. I am so curious as to what they are seeing,— but I assume Kirk is involved in some way, and, really, that's all I need for now to know this scene is going to be hilarious.

From what we know of Stars Hollow, one of two things is most likely going down in this image: either a town meeting brought to you by the pushy Taylor Doose or a dance show brought on by the enigmatic Ms. Patty. Both of these options could lead to some pretty insane reactions from what we've seen in past episodes of Gilmore Girls. At the very least, it will definitely be an adventure.

If the event is a town meeting, it can be assumed Taylor Doose is planning some sort of crazy Stars Hollow Extravaganza. In another still released by Netflix ,we see the girls dressed in some pretty crazy '60s get-up. Is this just a zany Gilmore fashion choice, or has Taylor planned a throwback event for the whole town? The idea of a throwback event isn't that crazy, but leave it to Taylor to add something really odd into the mix, like a reenactment of the day in 1967 some citizen of Stars Hollow got their first microwave or whatever. The world is his oyster.

In the same image with the '60s garb, we see a sign-up for auditions for "Stars Hollow: The Musical." Meanwhile, it has come out that Sutton Foster's character will play the lead in this Stars Hollow-themed musical, and it will be a role that makes or breaks the struggling actress. Could the shock and disgust on the faces of Stars Hollows residents be due to this musical? I'm banking that Foster wants to be the star, but the town is obsessed with Rory, so they cast her even though she doesn't audition. Everyone likes her role better, so then there's a girl fight on stage the night of the show. But, really, the reasons could be many; I just like the idea of Rory having to defend herself in a girl fight.

Whatever is really going on in the image, only time will tell. Until then, stay strong fans. If we support each other, we can get through this.

Images: Netflix (2), Giphy