Norwegian Olympics Ad Parodies Russia’s Awful Anti-Gay Laws

The festivities in Sochi are well underway, and the responses to Russia's repressive anti-gay laws are still going strong. Celebrities, activists, and world leaders have all spoken out against the law, and other entities are using hilarious advertisements to communicate their criticisms of Russia’s homophobia.

A new Norwegian Olympics ad has somehow managed to be funnier than the Canadian bobsled ad that went viral for poking fun at the laws last week. The commercial, produced by a sporting apparel company, features a statuesque woman walking through an airport as some of the country’s best male athletes show off their skills to grab her attention. The woman is oblivious to their attempts at impressing her, and these dudes can’t seem to figure out why. Turns out she wasn’t concerned with said men because she had her own gorgeous lady waiting on the runway. Awesome! I agree with Victoria Kim at PolicyMic — this ad is “more in line with the Olympic spirit than Russia is.

It’s exciting that some companies have made it a point to show support for all of their country’s athletes. Chevrolet debuted an ad featuring a gay couple during the opening ceremony of the Games, and Google colored their famous logo rainbow to show support for gay athletes competing.

Russia may be in completely in the wrong with their bigotry, but at least these companies are trying to do it right in a hilarious way.

Image: Youtube/XXL All Sports United