Brandi Is A Tough 'Real Housewives Of Dallas' Star

There's a new kid on Bravo's Real Housewives block. Premiering April 11, The Real Housewives of Dallas promises to uphold all of the drama, fancy dresses, and drinks that the prior installments have hit the airwaves with. However, everyone knows that everything is bigger in Texas, so there's a lot to look forward to with RHOD's upcoming premiere. The new cast looks especially promising, and fans of the show should know just who Brandi Redmond is.

The redhead is definitely tougher than she looks. Her tagline is "I was a Cowboys cheerleader, but, in Dallas, I'm never on the sidelines," which already proves her to be a force to reckoned with. Her bio on Bravo.com revealed that she is a "former All-Star, Pro-Bowl and five-time Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader," and her "heart and soul is Texas forever." Indeed, having lived in Texas for 25 years and attended Texas Woman's University, according to that bio, Brandi surely knows a thing or two about the Lone Star State.

The star is also already causing some drama, as seen in the below preview. And, her bio denoted Brandi as being "fun-loving, enthusiastic, and unafraid to speak her mind, which can sometimes rub the other ladies the wrong way." I always love a lady who is willing to say whatever she feels! According to her bio, Brandi also enjoys "shenanigans" with her best friend, Stephanie, who is also on the show. So we can likely expect a lot of trouble-making from them this season.

Brandi's independence correlates to many aspects of her private life, aside from drama with fellow Housewives. According to her Bravo bio, Brandi's husband, high-school sweetheart Bryan Redmond, travels frequently for business (he is an executive for the Dallas-based company, Suntex, and is responsible for over $700 million in mergers, according to the website), so Brandi focuses her energy on charitable giving, homemaking, and raising the couple's two young daughters. Brandi's Twitter bio says that she loves her "Ginger family" and is "obsessed with Jesus," which makes her seem like a solid choice for the Real Housewives brand.

The star's philanthropic drive is focused on several different charities. Her bio revealed that Brandi supports Folds of Honor, Krewe De Etoiles benefiting Operation Smile, and The Community Partners of Dallas. I don't think I'm alone in looking forward to a full out brawl at some Dallas charity ball this year. (Happens every season.)

There is sure to be some Texas-sized drama this season, pitting Brandi and Stephanie against the rest of the Housewives or vice versa. If you want to know where I'll be on Monday nights, look no further than the couch, because I'll be watching Brandi and the rest of her crew starting April 11.