Michael From 'The Princess Diaries' Is About To Direct An Awesome New Film

Did you, like me, never quite get over your crush on Michael Moscovitz from The Princess Diaries, Mia's nerdy but incredibly talented (he fixes cars and is in a band) love interest? Did you, like me, later realize how equally dreamy the actor who plays Moscovitz, Robert Schwartzman is? (He's actually in a band and he volunteers with animals.) Well, if you're in the same boat, or just purchased your ticket for passage on that boat, you will be pleased to know that Robert Schwartzman is directing a film., and that this amazing directorial debut will be called Dreamland. For the love of all things Michael and Mia, you need to check it out.

The film is a coming of age story about a part-time pianist named Monty Fagan, who begins a relationship with a much older woman — which, like in The Graduate, leads to some "hello darkness my old friend" kind of moments. It features a versatile cast including Johnny Simmons, Amy Landecker, Beverly D'Angelo, Shay Mitchell, and two members of Schwartzman's family: Talia Shire (his mother) and Jason Schwartzman (his brother). Dreamland is a throwback to sex comedies of the '80s like American Gigolo and Risky Business. According to Billboard, It is also set to premiere at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival.

No one should be surprised by this level of success, because Schwartzman is a part of the Coppola family, one of Hollywood's "royal" families. In fact, Billboard also reports that both his uncle, Francis Ford Coppola, the director of classics like The Godfather series and Apocalypse Now, and his famous actor brother Jason Schwartzman, gave him advice on directing the film. Not only is Schwartzman directing Dreamland, but the band he headlines, Rooney, also wrote the film's lead song.

The song "Sad But True" is perfect enough with its melodic chords and dreamy vibe — so I can't wait to see what he does with the rest of the project. You can listen to "Sad But True" via Hollywood Reporter. Meanwhile, the band has a new album called Washed Away which will drop May 6.

So, fans, let your early '00s fan flags fly, for there is a new reason for you to adore Michael Moscovitz... er... Robert Schwartzman. The guy is not just about making a girl's foot pop upon the first kiss; he's a straight up triple threat. We know Schwartzman can act (he can also be seen in The Virgin Suicides), and that he do the music thing, but can he also direct? We plebs will just have to wait until Dreamland gets distributed after its Tribeca premiere to find out.

Images: Buena Vista Pictures; RooneyVEVO/YouTube