Jess & Sam Get Back Together On 'New Girl,' But It Might Not Be The Best Decision

Human beings are creatures of habit, which means we have a general inclination to return to things that feel comfortable... especially when it comes to relationships. So when Jess and Sam decided to get back together on New Girl this week, I can't say that I was all that surprised, though, I'm not sure it was the smartest decision. Clearly, these two still have some residual feelings for each other, but do they really want to start things up again or are they just falling back into old (and easy) habits? Not that I'm a relationship expert by any means, but this reconciliation felt like a step backwards. (Or, more specifically, "300 Feet" backwards, if you'd care to measure it by restraining order standards.)

Winston made some very good points when he attempted to stop Jess and Sam from jumping back into this romance without really thinking it through. Sam just filed a restraining order against Jess, which is not exactly the healthiest way to kickstart any relationship, let alone one that failed the first time around. And while I get that some relationships do deserve a second chance (Jess and Nick anyone?), I never thought that Jess really had a particularly extra special connection with Sam.

Then there's the fact that neither one of them feels like they've changed or grown all that much since they were last together, so how can viewers expect them to have a different outcome if nothing's different? To me, this just feels like Jess is unsure about what she wants right now, so she's reverting back to something that feels safe. She knows how much Sam cared about her when they were together, but that doesn't mean that the feeling is entirely mutual.

After all, the two of them broke up because Jess and Nick finally gave into their feelings for each other. Perhaps the same thing is about to happen again. Hey, a girl can dream, right? (*fingers crossed*)

Image: Adam Taylor/FOX