Davos' Speech In The 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer Could Be About Jon Snow — VIDEO

Another Game of Thrones preview has come out, and we are no closer to understanding Jon Snow's fate. The latest Games of Thrones Season 6 trailer opens with a good long look at Jon's dead face. (But dead for how long?) It also features a big fight with some White Walkers (there's no way Jon Snow isn't involved with that), and Davos Seaworth chatting seriously to someone who is off-screen. Does Davos' speech have anything to do with Jon Snow? I'm leaning toward yes, but that's mostly because I'm not quite sure how to survive a season of Game of Thrones that doesn't feature Kit Harrington's glossy mane.

The trailer is certainly heart-pounding as it is, what with the intense percussion and the long and serious (and often hate-filled) stares made by many of our favorite characters. But Davos' stern expression, and even more serious talk, give this trailer the power to strike fear into the heart of the viewer. Winter is most assuredly coming, and a lot sooner than we had hoped for or anticipated. (But secretly we want it ASAP so we can see what will happen!)

In the trailer, Davos says two lines which make it seem like Jon Snow is super alive and hiding because he's embarrassed that his undead self won't look as ravishing. (Or, you know, because the Night's Watch is probably still super grouchy with him.) The first line is, "There's no hiding from this. You have to fight." This could be due to Jon refusing to fight in the battle between Stannis and Ramsay, but it's more likely because Jon is hiding post-Melisandre-resurrection. Because while HBO keeps pretending Jon is definitely dead, we all know he'll be brought back to life.

The other line from the trailer is: "The real war is between the living and the dead. And make no mistake, the dead are coming." Davos has always kept it real with Jon; he's always been honest, and genuinely seems to appreciate Snow. So it would come as no surprise that the Onion Knight is once again telling Snow exactly how he feels and what needs to happen. There no other father figure or advisors left for Jon to latch on to, there are also no people left for Davos to advise, what with the fact that Stannis is dead and Melisandre takes counsel only from her god. It just makes sense these two would gravitate toward each other.

Davos may also be talking to the wildling leader, Tormund, as the kissed-by-fire member of the Free Folk is seen in some battle-type situations and also has the first line of the trailer. "I thought he was the man to lead us through the long night, but I was wrong," he says. Maybe Davos is saying to Tormund, "Yeah, Jon's gone, so now it's up to you."

While I love me some Tormund, I have high hopes that Jon Snow will be the leader to take everybody through the long night. Oh, and that he's actually a Targaryen, and so is Tyrion, and the three Targaryens — Danaerys, Tyrion, and Jon — will rule Westeros together as a socialist democracy in peace and harmony to the end of their days. That isn't too much to ask for, is it?

You can watch the trailer below to make your own guesses on what's to come (besides winter, of course!)

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