Stephanie's 'RHOD' Husband Is Well Off

We're a quarter of the way through 2016, and so far we've been granted only gold as far as reality TV programming is concerned. To add another karat on top of the perfection that is the Real Housewives franchise, Bravo has decided to call in some real heavy hitters: Texans. That's right, the next installment of the deliciously dramatic series is Real Housewives of Dallas , which promises big hair and even bigger cat fights. One of the series six leading ladies, Stephanie Hollman, seems to be quite the personality, so it's interesting to examine the man who gave her the "wife" designation. Who is Stephanie's husband, Travis? So far fans have only basic knowledge of the guy.

Stephanie's Bravo bio mentions that her family, which is comprised of herself, Travis, and two young sons, lives on the golf course at the Four Seasons Resort in Dallas. With geography that posh, one has to wonder what's behind the cash flow. Since Stephanie's bio mentions that she is essentially on Travis' payroll — "In order for her to make her own money, Stephanie’s husband, Travis, frequently writes up a list of chores for her to complete when he is away on business," — fans might be wondering what it is Mr. Moneybags does for a living.

Her Bravo bio mentions that Travis' company is called Hollman Inc., and, while Stephanie is in charge of the company's charitable giving operatives, Travis is in control as the current President of Hollman, Inc.. According to its website, it is the leading manufacturer of wood and laminate lockers — yes, like the kind you see in gyms. In fact, the website lists gym chains such as LA Fitness and Planet Fitness as clients of theirs, as well as "Country Club Lockers for 90 percent of the recent US Major courses, and athletic lockers for programs including Texas A&M, Michigan State, and the Indiana Pacers." With that spread, it's no wonder that business at Hollman Inc. is booming.

Proceeds from the 39-year old company certainly contribute a lot to Stephanie and Travis' wealth, which The Net Worth estimates to be around $18 million. That's a pretty penny, but, according to the website, Hollman Inc. also supports charities such as The Family Place, Big Brothers and Sisters of America, UNICEF, AIDS Services of Dallas, and Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit and Auction. Way to be, Hollmans.

Though Stephanie and Travis seem to have a very nice life set out for them, I know better than to judge a book by its cover. Money doesn't buy happiness, and no show knows that better than the Real Housewives series. So, I'll hold off on any opinions on their life until I see them, starting Monday night.