The ‘Game Of Silence’ Cast Is Filled With Supporting TV Stars Stepping Into The Spotlight

The past can be a tricky business. No matter how much you try to run from it, nine times out of ten, it's always going to catch up with you one way or another, which is precisely what the characters of NBC's newest crime drama Game of Silence will come to realize as the season progresses. Based off of the Turkish series Suskunlar, the Game of Silence cast and plot will center around the lives of five childhood friends who are forced to reunite years later as adults and face up to a deadly sin from their past. Think of it as a grown up take on I Know What You Did Last Summer, but hopefully with less creepy hook hands.

Either way, though, this dark secret of theirs, which has been festering under the surface for 25 years, is about to be unleashed and wreak havoc on all of their lives. That is, unless they can find a way to silence the threat and finally put this tragedy to be for good. Sounds pretty interesting, right? But an intriguing storyline isn't the only thing this new series has going for it. The talented cast members being brought to the table is just the thing to turn this drama into a network sensation. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with the A-list ensemble, here's a roundup of the cast and character you'll undoubtedly come to love...

David Lyons

Known best for his role as Sebastian "Bass" Monroe on Revolution, Lyons will take on the part of Jackson Brooks, one of the five friends who ran off to pursue a career as a successful attorney. However, his so-called perfect life is about to be turned on its head when his former BFFs show up in his new life and make him realize that just because you run away from a problem, doesn't make it go away.

Michael Raymond-James

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Many will undoubtedly recognize this actor for his role as either the villainous Rene on True Blood or the former love interest of Emma Swan on Once Upon a Time, but on Game of Silence, Raymond-James (right) will go by the name of Gil Harris, one of Jackson's closest childhood friends, who comes back into his life with a huge problem that could change everything. In other words, get ready for the most stressful reunion ever.

Lorenz Tate

Tate will take on the role of Shawn Polk, whose character — you guessed it — is one of the core friends of Gil and Jackson. Very little details about the part have been released, though, many should recognize Tate himself for his memorable roles on hit shows such as House of Lies (as Malcolm Kaan), Rush (as Dr. Alex Burke), and Rescue Me (as Bart Johnston).

Derek Phillips

Any Friday Night Lights fan will instantly recognize this actor as Billy Riggins aka Tim Riggins' older brother. But now he'll be donning the name Boots on Game of Silence as one of the infamous five friends, whose tragic past threatens to rear its ugly head when he finds himself in trouble with the law. Let's just hope he manages to keep his eyes clear and his heart full throughout this whole ordeal.

Bre Blair

And last, but certainly not least, rounding out this friends inner-circle is Bre Blair (known for her stint on Make It or Break It), who will take on the role of Jessie West, the unintentional catalyst that set this whole childhood secret in motion.

So, much like its similarly named series Game of Thrones, it sounds to me like when you play the Game of Silence, you either win or you... lie? Either way, count me in. I think I've just found my next big TV obsession.

Images: Bob Mahoney/NBC (6)