17 Funny Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is swiftly approaching and the "Best Mom Ever" mugs are selling out. If you are in the mood to be more original this year and want to add a little laughter to the day of love and thanks, try one of these funny Mother's Day gifts to celebrate the woman who brought you — and your sense of humor — into the world.

If your mom loves to laugh, why not light up her day with something special that tickles her funny bone? Bouquets are beautiful, but you can pair one with an unexpected something extra that incites laughter and fun long after the flowers have wilted. Your mom deserves to be praised for the lovely lady she is (not to mention all the years she had to put up with you) so give her some sassy swag that lets everyone know she is the boss. This roundup includes playful accessories for every part of her life — from work to the weekend, from taking care of business to treating herself, from her morning coffee to her "mommy time out." So get ready to celebrate your favorite lady this Mother's Day with gifts that were made for her infectious sense of humor.

1. A shirt you might have to explain to her

Motherhood On Fleek Shirt, $30, Skreened

Add "fleek" into your mother's lexicon with this sweet shirt that assures she's doing everything right.

2. A pretty tray that cheers her on

"You Da Mom" Porcelain Trinket Tray, $15, Nordstrom

Get your mom pumped up every time she puts on or takes off her jewelry with this lovely dish for all her trinkets.

3. A mug that's her perfect match every morning

Funny Coffee Mug For Mom, $15, Zazzle

Let your mom finally sip her morning brew in peace with this mug that keeps everyone informed about just when she's ready to deal with them.

5. A tote to remind her that she deserves it

Treat Yo Self Tote Bag, $16, Etsy

Encourage your mom to treat herself with this cute carryall. Best-daughter-ever bonus points if you include a voucher for a massage or mani-pedi.

4. A flask made for mom-time

Mommy's Time Out Flask, $32, Amazon

This sleek flask serves up just the thing when your mom is in need of a boozy break.

6. Some good clean fun

This clever book will have your mom roaring with laughter as she flips through pages of strapping young men eagerly engaged in housework and accompanied by quotes like, "Want to snuggle?"

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7. A sneaky way for her to enjoy her "coffee"

Shhh... There's Wine In Here Coffee Travel Mug, $22, Etsy

Keep her morning joe hot or her merlot hidden in this coffee travel mug while she's on the go.

8. A cute and funny tank

Mom Bod Shirt, $24, Etsy

Combat the rise of the Dad Bod! Celebrate what your mama's got with this cute tank just in time for summer.

9. A bar of soap as kickass as she

Brilliant & Bossy Soap, $8, Amazon

This luxury soap is brilliant and bossy, just like your mother, and promises to kick the sh*t out of everything.

10. A little notebook for some provocative self-exploration

Notes To Self Journal, $14, Amazon

The description warns, "this is no sweet, nostalgic guided journal that helps you look back on the great moments in your life." Instead, this journal looks back only as far as last weekend, or maybe five minutes ago. The snarky book is packed with prompts and lists like "reasons to keep yourself from spending the evening with a bottle of tequila"and "an exploration of why no one cares about your bad hair day."

11. A notepad that knows how to prioritize

Things Mom Really, Really, Really Needs Pad, $7, Knock Knock Stuff

For the mom with a lot on her plate (hint: every mom), let this notepad help her sort through her needs.

12. Just what the doctor ordered

Mommy Medicine Wine Glass, $17, Amazon

Prescribe your mom the perfect pour with this 20 ounce jumbo wine glass — just the right dose to treat all her ailments.

13. A sleep mask for some much-needed rest

Ask Your Dad Sleep Mask, $14, Etsy

Let your mom catch some Zs with this adorable sleep mask that wards off potential disruptors by telling them to ask dad instead.

14. A desk sign to show who runs the place

"I'm Not Bossy I Am The Boss" Desk Sign, $33, Amazon

Give your mom some descriptive signage for her desk space.

15. A book you can both laugh about

Gift this instructional volume with tongue and cheek, then roll in laughter together over the dysfunctional illustrations and "ruinous techniques" it teaches.

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16. A purse that's perfectly suited to carry her necessities

Insulated Wine Purse, $20, Amazon

Keep your mom looking chic while she's toting wine to her next get-together with this insulated croc-embossed number.

17. A mug to declare just what kind of mom she is

"I'm Not A Regular Mom, I'm A Cool Mom" Mug, $16, Look Human

Last but not least, make sure your mom is fully equipped to tell the world just how cool she is with this Mean Girls -inspired coffee mug.

Images: Human, Skreened, Nordstrom (2), Zazzle, Etsy (5), Funny Shirts, Uncommon Goods (2), Off The Wagon Shop, Knock Knock Stuff (2), Bed Bath & Beyond, Human