Britney Spears’ New Single May Be Out Sooner Rather Than Later, So Prepare Accordingly

Saturday evening, The Las Vegas Sun writer Robin Leach let the Twitterverse know that in a few days’ time he would be dropping some Very Big News about the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. And as promised, that Very Big News appeared on The Las Vegas Sun's website on Monday: According to Leach's source, reigning ruler of Planet Hollywood Britney Spears will reportedly release a new song very, very soon. My heart has yet to stop singing.

Oh, but that was merely the tip of the Curious perfume bottle-shaped iceberg: The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host also spilled what his source said about Godney’s next album, the name of Godney's next single, Godney’s next music video, and Godney’s Vegas residency. And my singing heart has cannonballed into the canyon from the "Not Yet A Girl, Not Yet A Woman" music video.

What was it about The Las Vegas Sun article that overwhelmed me so? Let me count the ways!

Overwhelming Excerpt #1:

I can reliably confirm that [the first single] will be titled, “Make Me (Oooh).”

"Make Me (Oooh)," I'm already so into you. You've got that somethin'. What can I do?

Overwhelming Excerpt #2:

Britney will shoot the video for her new single next Monday…

"Make Me (Oooh)" music video news, you spin me around. The earth is movin' but I can't feel the ground.

Overwhelming Excerpt #3:

…and both will be released four weeks later when editing is completed.

Every time I look at this snippet, my heart is jumpin'. It's easy to see.

Overwhelming Excerpt #4:

If all goes as planned, Britney’s new ninth studio album will follow one month after the single’s release.

Lovin' B9 means so much more. More than anything I ever felt before.

Overwhelming Excerpt #5:

Britney’s new single “Make Me (Oooh)” will be added to “Piece of Me” at Axis when the next segment of her residency resumes June 17.

This tidbit drives me crazy, I just can't sleep. I'm so excited for "Make Me (Oooh)" and for B9 and for "Piece of Me" to welcome "Make Me (Oooh)" to the fold, I'm in too deep.

Oh-oh-oh, crazy! But it feels alright. B9, thinkin' of you keeps me up all night.