How To Do A Straight Brow If You Want To Ditch Your Arches For The Popular K-Beauty Look

Brows come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, but no longer do you have to be born with the shape of your dreams — thanks to dip brow pomade and the power of YouTube, you can create any brow shape you want. But some shapes are easier than others, and learning how to do a straight brow can be tricky at first. Here's the nitty-gritty about the latest brow trend.

Straight brows are super popular in Korean celebrity fashion, where all the best beauty trends seem to originate. Straight brows are, well, straight — they are usually a bit thicker than the normal brow shape, because there is no arch (or the arch is filled in). Straight brows are great way to balance long, oval face shapes and creates a more youthful, doll-like look. They're also a great alternative if you have naturally thick, straight, or bushy brows that don't take tweezing well. Celebrities like Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba have rocked a straight brow, and the trend is more popular than ever with online beauty bloggers. What's not to love?

To create a straight brow, you'll have to say goodbye to the arch. Not everyone needs one, after all. You can grow your arch hairs back in six to eight weeks, and use a waxy brow pencil to fill in the gaps.

Here are all the tutorials and tools you need to create a straight brow:

1. Korean Straight Brow

Wengie on YouTube

The trend all began when gorgeous Korean celebrities and Japanese models decided to rock the look. Youth is the ultimate beauty goal, and these brows make you look younger and wide-eyed.

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2. If You Have An Arch

MakeupAndArtFreak on YouTube

Even if you have a super defined arch, you can create a convincing straight brow for an evening (or every day). Brush your brow hairs down and across, and secure with a brow gel or use a Q-tip with some hairspray to make everything stay put!

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3. If You Have Thick Brows

James Charles on YouTube

Yep, you can bake your brows. Use the popular baking technique to carve out your brows even further, so they are defined and clean. Use translucent powder and apply underneath the brow for a few minutes before dusting off and revealing a sharp straight brow. Or, you can just use a brow highlighting pencil.

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Any guesses on what the next brow shape trend will be? Square? Diamond? Until then, you can work on mastering the straight shape.

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Images: J Charles/YouTube