Don't Worry, Adele Hasn't Quit Ruling The Charts

It's as the old saying goes: To tie for third place with some of the greatest singers to ever set foot on this planet is to win. Monday, Billboard announced that Adele’s “Hello” has been the No. 1 song on the Adult Contemporary chart for a whopping 21 weeks. This is an impressive feat, duh, but it's also a momentous achievement: As Billboard pointed out, this track, which was released back in October of 2015, shares the record “for the longest No. 1 run among women since the list launched in 1961" with Kelly Clarkson’s 2004 release “Breakaway” and Celine Dion’s 2002 hit “A New Day Has Come."

Hot diggity dog, the trifecta of “Breakaway,” “A New Day Has Come,” and “Hello”? Be still my powerhouse vocalist-loving heart.

Dion, Adele, and Clarkson are tied for third-longest reign overall: “Drift Away” by Uncle Kracker featuring Dobie Gray rules the top spot at 28 weeks, and Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” is in second place with 22 weeks.

Will "Hello" dethrone "Drift Away" and set a brand new Billboard Adult Contemporary chart record one day? I mean, I'm not about to rule it out. (May we not forget we are talking about Adele "The Record Smasher" Adkins here.) But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us live in the present moment and appreciate the unstoppable trio that is Celine, Kelly, and Adele. Does it get much better than this?

Or this?

Or this?

Sorry, Uncle Kracker and Train, but that number three spot is where the party is at.