Nina Dobrev Reunites With 'Degrassi' Co-Star Paula Brancati & The Pic Will Give Fans All The Feels — PHOTO

Nina Dobrev's name will forever be synonymous with her Vampire Diaries character Elena Gilbert (rest in peace!) but long before Elena had to choose between Stefan and Damon, Dobrev was cutting her fangs on a different show entirely. Dobrev's first major acting role was on Canadian soap Degrassi , where she portrayed a character very different from the supernaturally inclined Elena. The actress, who starred on the series from 2006 to 2009, portrayed Mia Jones, a teen mom who struggled with balancing a "normal" high school life with parenting her young daughter. Before leaving Degrassi to start a modeling career, Mia spent her time in high school romancing would-be teen dad J.T., butting heads with Queen Bee Holly J., and even captaining Power Squad. Fans will never forget Dobrev's Degrassi days, and it looks like Dobrev has a soft spot for them, too. Dobrev just posted a cute selfie with her Degrassi co-star Paula Brancati, and all is right with the world.

Dobrev and Brancati's characters had an interesting friendship on Degrassi, so it's only right that these two reunited in real life. Brancati played Jane Vaughn, a high schooler who was friends with Mia before she transferred to Degrassi. Jane is also the sister of the father of Mia's baby, which drove a wedge between the two pals. The two eventually patched things up, and Jane became both an aunt to Mia's daughter and one of Mia's most trusted friends. Unfortunately, Mia left Degrassi before her technical high school graduation, and the two never got their proper goodbye or to throw their grad caps in the air. Naturally, it would be pretty amazing to get another Mi and Jane scene, but since we can't, at least we can get a glimpse at what that might look like. Dobrev made all of our dreams come true when she tweeted this pic of her hanging out with her Degrassi co-star on Sunday:

Though it's doubtful we'll see these two reunite onscreen any time soon, it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. Degrassi: Next Class will stream Season 2 on Netflix this summer, and here's hoping that Team Naula makes an appearance.