Hear Me Out, Now: Drake Should Be On 'TVD'

It was a sad day when the news broke that Nina Dobrev was leaving The Vampire Diaries after Season 6 to pursue other projects, primarily in film. Not only are fans losing a beloved character in Elena Gilbert, but they're also losing the show's lead — there simply wouldn't have been a show without Elena, and it's odd to think about the show continuing when she's no longer a presence. Now that the defacto "main character" slot is empty, it's time that someone steps up to the plate — and I think I have just the person. Nope, it's not Stefan, or Bonnie, or even the so, so beloved Caroline. The person perfect to take over Dobrev's role is Nina Dobrev's former Degrassi co-star Drake.

Is this ever going to happen? No. Of course not. Don't be ridiculous. But, I can't help but think that Drake is the perfect person to fill in for Dobrev because, well, his life is pretty close to Elena's as is. Casting the rapper would be an amazing form of stunt casting, but it would be even better if he could play himself — he'd slide into the role just as well as he slid into a rap career after being known exclusively for starring on a Canadian teen soap.

Here's why Drake needs to be on The Vampire Diaries as himself, like, tomorrow.

He Knows All About The Love Triangle

Dude totally gets Elena's triangular relationships, lest we forget the epic nightclub brawl between Drake and Chris Brown over Rihanna.

He Knows The Art Of Grabbing Ones Face Pre-Kiss

Which is very important on The Vampire Diaries, obviously:

He's Already Had A (TV) Near-Death Experience

What if Jimmy really got shot, died, and TURNED INTO A VAMPIRE?! #DegrassiCrossover

He's Got Those Romantic Speeches Down

There is no Vampire Diaries without epic love confessions.


He Knows How To Brood With The Best Of Them

He'd totally give Stefan Salvatore a run for his money.

He's An Expert On Making Out

On this show, it's a very necessary skill set.

He'd Add To The Eye Candy Factor

Dude is an absolute beauty, no?

Images: Giphy (4); Starity; WiffleGif; Business Insider