This Is What Dating Looks Like Today

by Priscilla Blossom

Dating these days can be tough. While some still opt for the old classics like meeting someone at a bar or work, or getting set up by a friend, most single Millennials are now part of the (often stigmatized) world of online dating. And even when you do find someone new, it’s almost like you have to announce your status to the world (because you gotta make it “Facebook Official”) and keep up this facade of what your actual relationship may or may not be like.

For many, it’s not enough to just check “In A Relationship.” Now it’s constant Instagram selfies with your partner, showing all the fun dates you go on together. And rather than writing pissed off journal entries or having a bitch session with your friends, it’s vaguebooking when you and your beloved are suddenly in rocky waters (but don’t want to let everyone on your feed really know what’s up).

The folks at Slow News Day (’s comedy video channel) know what’s up. That’s why they created this seriously funny video about What Dating Looks Like Today (you know, if we weren’t all doing it behind screens).

"This video came about because with these social platforms, it’s interesting to think about what people are actually doing (i.e. selecting a potential date is as simple as swiping left or right)," creator Adam Schwartz tells Bustle. "Putting those actions into a real-life context highlights a bit of the ridiculousness of these interactions...We just wanted to portray the modern dating landscape in a unique light."

Before you sign up for any new dating apps or announce your new relationship (or breakup) on social media, take a look at what you’re in for, according to SND:

Why is Tinder IRL so bizarre? Well, wouldn’t it be rude as hell to have someone shove you to the left (or right) while you’re mid-sentence? I mean, I guess it’d be nice to cut to the chase, but seems like doing this offline might also result in some unnecessary bruising (and not only of the ego).

Dick pics. Dick pics. Dick piiiiiics. OK, I suppose there are other things it’s used for. But seriously? Dude on the dating scene using Snapchat? Dick pics.

A platform for showing off how “happy” you are. Potentially damaging to the world in the long-run? Sure.

This one is by far the best. Not only is it where you go to gripe about every time someone wrongs you, it’s also the place to stalk those you’d like to get with until they’re suddenly free again and then it’s poke-city.

Watch the full video below:

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Images: Slow News Day/YouTube