Myriad Takes Over On 'Supergirl' & Kara Has Some Unexpected Allies

It's always good to step out of your comfort zone and surround yourself with capable people that you wouldn't normally. However, if that comes at the cost of eco-friendly aliens who are trying to enslave your people, it's a little less exciting. When Non's master plan Myriad took over National City on Supergirl, Kara teamed up with Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant, the only other two people in the city (that we know of) who were immune to Myriad's powers.

Astra's solution to Krypton's destruction was to mind-control the people of Argo City and get everyone to adopt her plan for ecological savior. They turned the city into a think tank — which is somewhat of a noble cause, but it's at the cost of personal freedom and free will. So, that's a bummer. Plus, Indigo is totally down to "wipe out a species" and Non isn't bothered by letting civilians fall to their death just to make a point. As tempting as it may seem on the surface, Myriad needs to be stopped.

Kara was unaffected because she's Kryptonian, though Kal-El's human upbringing apparently made him immune. Maxwell and Cat were spared thanks to some of Lord's own technology that he placed on himself and hid in a pair of gifted earrings. Are they an item now? Like, romantically? Did I miss something? Anyway, that is Supergirl's team, for now. It's not ideal, but it'll do. In fact, the power of the mass media came to the rescue. Using broadcast technology, the three of them plan to send a message of hope to the people's city that will, if they are lucky, break through Myriad's control in the season finale.

I'm still convinced that Cat knows Kara's Supergirl identity, by the way. If for no other reason, she simple has to know that her assistant's name is Kara, not Kira. Other people in the office say her name all the time. It must be written on documents. She has an email address. Therefore, using "Kira" in front of Supergirl would be pointless unless she was still keeping up appearances, right?

Maxwell Lord, on the other hand, may have saved himself, but he still cannot be trusted. Even his humanizing backstory in this episode has me worried. We previously learned that Maxwell's parents died from a chemical reaction thanks to faulty HAZMAT suits. He warned his parents about the suits, but nobody would listen to him. Lord thought he was similar to Kara because of his history, but he's actually more like Astra and Non. That's exactly what happened to them on Krypton. Nobody listened to them, and people died because of it. As long as he gets to control his own brain, I wouldn't be surprised if Lord ended up siding with the bad guys before this is over.

Images: Cliff Lipson/CBS; Giphy