'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Shows That Power Struggles Exist In Every Kind Of Relationship

At the very end of last Monday night's episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , Rebecca finally said goodbye to Josh, the man she's been pining over all season, and said hello to Greg, the guy she had some chemistry with early on but who was always overshadowed by her high school crush. But before you go wondering when Rebecca and Greg will be tying the knot, this Monday night's episode showed that these two are not exactly a couple just yet. In fact, the "relationship" that they find themselves in, if you want to call it that, really plays out more like a power struggle throughout the episode.

Greg teased that he and Rebecca were going to be getting it on quite a bit during last Monday night's episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and the couple made good on that promise in this week's new episode. They basically spent three days fornicating in what Rebecca called their "sex cocoon." But remember; they're not in a relationship. Greg reiterated that he wanted to keep things "light and polite" with Rebecca to which she agreed, even though she totally seemed like she wanted to talk about their future as an actual couple.

Now, if you've been watching this season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, that interaction should seem odd to you because Greg has been fawning over Rebecca pretty much since he first laid eyes on her. But now that she's actually giving him the time of day and seems interested in him, Greg realizes that he has the upper hand in this relationship, which he is getting a lot of pleasure out of, and he wants to keep things casual. And thus begins the power struggle, my friends.

But even though Greg seems to be in a position of authority throughout much of the episode, this power struggle is a struggle indeed. Rebecca realizes what's going on after her neighbor and Greg's ex Heather explains that women have the power before sex and men have it after. All the while, Greg still does whatever he can to maintain his control in the relationship, even taking his friend Hector's suggestion to date other people to strengthen that power even more.

This episode shows that a power struggle doesn't just take place in romantic relationships either. Paula continues to believe that her friendship with Rebecca is solely based on her love life, not any genuine camaraderie between the two women, thus giving Rebecca the upper hand here. We also find out this week that Rebecca may even have the upper hand in her relationship with Josh since her rejection of him sends him into a foul funk, one in which he doesn't even want to have (gasp!) sex with Valencia.

We'll have to wait until next week's finale episode to find out how the revelation that Rebecca has been sleeping with Greg will affect her relationships with Paula and Josh. However, at the end of Monday night's episode, we already see the power struggle between Rebecca and Greg break down. They both show their weakness, aka true feelings for one another, when Rebecca admits to herself (in song, natch) that she kind of likes Greg and when Greg leaves his date with another woman to rush to Rebecca's side at the hospital. She ended up there by not taking care of her UTI, which she got from having so much sex, and the infection spreading to her kidneys, in case you were wondering.

I've been shipping Rebecca and Greg all season, so here's hoping they finally surrender to love and get together in the Season 1 finale already.

Images: Scott Everett White/The CW; andthestarsthatshine, austinlanghams/Tumblr