Country Music Needs 'The Voice''s Mary Sarah

America, meet your newest country obsession. While fans of The Voice are used to hearing country singers on Team Blake, they've never heard anyone quite like Mary Sarah. The Voice Season 10 hopeful has a classic country sound to her voice that isn't heard much anymore in the music industry. Mary Sarah calls to mind some of the greatest country singers of all time, like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. Her voice is unlike anything that's been heard before in The Voice competition, which gives her a major advantage in this season's game.

While The Voice is no stranger to country singers, there's something special about Mary Sarah that makes her stand out. Not only is she adorable and have a magnetic personality, she has a voice that you'd never see coming. At only 20 years old, Mary Sarah has a voice that musicians with twenty years more training than her aspire to have. It's smooth, gritty, deep, bright, subdued, and powerful all at the same time. There's a mystery to Mary Sarah's voice that makes it incredibly interesting to listen to, and that will absolutely give her an advantage in this competition.

This season of The Voice is jam-packed with talent, but Mary Sarah has the edge that she needs to compete. Her unique sound appeals to both the traditional and modern country fans, which will be a huge advantage against both her Team Blake teammates and her competition as a whole. There's no doubt Mary Sarah will win over a loyal fan base in no time and they'll help her continue on to the Top 12 and even beyond. Mary Sarah has a sound that the modern country scene needs, and something tells me that even if she doesn't win this season of The Voice, she'll find her own way into the music industry with ease.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC