Alisan Porter Slays 'The Voice' Live Playoffs

The Live Playoffs just got a whole lot hotter. Team Christina's Alisan Porter lit up The Voice stage in the Live Playoffs with a crazy amazing performance of Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby." Seriously, if you didn't have your eye on Porter yet, you should now. The former child star has proven week after week that she's a force in this competition and that she'll do whatever it takes to take home The Voice title. After putting her career aside to overcome addiction and raise a family, Porter has decided that now's the time for her to chase her musical dreams and, if she keeps up the way she's going, there's no doubt she'll achieve them — and that she may achieve them on The Voice.

While Porter certainly has an amazing voice, she possesses so much more than that. Though her childhood fame seems to be so far removed from her life today, it helped give her the confidence and professionalism she needs to excel in this competition. It's not easy to get on that stage and bare everything, but Porter is able to do that thanks to her Hollywood experience. She can open up and leave all her emotions on the stage unlike anyone else in this competition. Her vulnerability takes her vocals to the next level and helps her to emote the lyrics of the song, making her performances so much more captivating. It's a special skill that not many other contestants have, which is why Porter will go far in this game.

Coach Christina is determined to win this season and Porter could be the one to take her to victory. The only thing that could stop her are her fellow Team Christina contestants. Porter's teammates are equally as talented as she is and all possess their own secret weapons that could help them get to the top. It'll ultimately be up to America to decide which lucky member of this talented team will be the one to take it all. If Porter continues to impress the way she did tonight, though, there's a good chance that she could be the chosen one who takes it all at the end.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC