Where Should You Live If You're a Feminist? The 8 Best Cities For Women (and Men Who Care About Equality)

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So, you're a feminist. Looking to move to a city that has both a low cost of living and reproductive rights? Good luck with that.

Perhaps looking for a feminist city doesn't seem like the most straightforward way to pick a place to live. After all, moving to a new place is always a dilemma: should you value equal pay or a great music scene more? You shouldn't have to choose, and luckily, some of the coolest cities also happen to treat women most equally.

To come up with the list of the most feminist cities, we looked at a myriad factors: earning power achieved by women relative to men, laws relating to health, sexual and reproductive freedom, and even the historical foundations of progressive feminism in the city. Of course, finding stimulating and engrossing places to live — hopefully with a nice view here or there — is no less important. Click on to see if your city made the cut.

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