Get Free Ice Cream At Ben & Jerry's Today

Mother Nature may be reluctant to give anybody a taste of summer during these chilly April days, but Ben & Jerry's is here to help — in the form of free ice cream. Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day is April 12, meaning all you have to do is bravely stand in line among the throngs of people also lured in by the promise of free scoops to get your hands on the Cherry Garcia you deserve. As the beloved Vermont-based ice cream chain explains on its website, Free Cone Day is about as stress-free as it gets: "No guest list, no invite, no RSVP, just show up. We welcome everyone. Even your weird uncle." My weird uncle is very much obliged.

So how does it work? From noon to 8 p.m. on April 12, just head to your closest Ben & Jerry's scoop shop for a free cone or cup of your favorite ice cream. You might have to brave a small crowd, but honestly it's a pretty small price to pay when you consider what awaits — free ice cream. And if you want to go back for seconds? Well, go back for seconds. In fact, you can make a day of it returning for thirds and fourths, if you want. B&J is handing out the free scoops all day long:

And, just know that while you're munching on your free treat, you're also taking part in a time-honored tradition. Ben & Jerry's has been hosting annual Free Cone Days since 1979, when it first started handing out complimentary scoops from its shop in Burlington, Vermont as a way to say thanks to customers for being so supportive during the company's first year of business. The tradition continued over to Saratoga Springs in New York in 1984, which looking back, was the holidays's first step toward total world domination: today, Free Cone Day has become a global event, with more than one million scoops handed out worldwide.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. So to recap, go to Ben & Jerry's, get free ice cream, enjoy, and repeat. Today is a delicious day to be alive.

Images: Ben & Jerry's