The 'Sing Street' Soundtrack Is A Wild Musical Trip To The '80s

A boy, a girl, a band, and some '80s tunes are the ingredients for the new movie Sing Street. The film, in theaters Apr 15, tells the story of a dorky boy in 1985 Dublin who starts a band to impress his crush. The movie has already received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and has also gotten a lot of attention for its music. The Sing Street soundtrack features both well-known hits from the '80s and original tracks from Sing Street which is the fictional band formed by the film's protagonist and his buddies.

The original Sing Street songs were penned by Irish writer-director John Carney, known best for his music movies Once and Begin Again. But Carney also had some additional help creating the music for the movie from U2's Bono and The Edge. According to HitFix, the U2 musicians are long-time friends of Carney, and they came on board to assist with Sing Street's musical aspects and soundtrack. The result is a movie that's packed with both '80s classics and new '80s-inspired songs, with a soundtrack to match. Within the film itself, viewers can expect to hear music from The Cure ("Inbetween Days"), Duran Duran ("Rio"), Hall & Oates ("Maneater"), The Jam ("Town Called Malice"), and more. The soundtrack brings in tunes even more '80s bands and, interestingly, a track by current star Adam Levine.

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After all this buzz, you might be wondering where to get the Sing Street soundtrack. The album was released on Mar 18 in the UK, but has an Apr 15 release date in the US (same as the movie). So as of Apr 15, the soundtrack will be available on digital retailers like Amazon and iTunes, and you can also get a physical CD of the soundtrack on Amazon on Apr 29. Also, if you're a true devotee, you can get the album on vinyl from Amazon on May 27.

With so many ways to enjoy the soundtrack, a musical trip back to the '80s is a cinch. So pull out your best punk gear, indulge in some heavy eyeliner and teased hair, and rock out to songs old and new on the Sing Street soundtrack.

Images: The Weinstein Company