8 Facts You Didn't Know About Bethenny Frankel

It's hard to believe that someone like Bethenny Frankel actually has any secrets left. She is a cast member on Real Housewives of New York City, has had her own spin-off series, and even had a self-titled talk show for one season. But even with all that exposure, there are still a lot of things that you probably don't know about Bethenny Frankel.

Even though she has been an uncensored open book over the years — she started on RHONY in 2008, before leaving in Season 3 and coming back for Season 7 — there is still so much more to learn about her. There are so many layers to the 45-year-old entrepreneur and mother, and she has lived a super interesting life to say the least. You may think that you are the biggest Bethenny superfan, but there is still more to discover about the insanely popular reality star. She is just like any person with secrets and, believe it or not, she actually still has some semblance of a private life. It might be a teeny tiny bit of privacy that she has, but there still are some parts of the business woman and reality TV star that are not common knowledge.

1. She Has Two Ex-Husbands

Bethenny's made it clear that her divorce from Jason Hoppy has been dragging out for way too long, but this is not actually her first divorce. Even though she was always talking about being unmarried when she started on Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny actually was married to her "best friend" Peter Sussman for a short time after their wedding in 1996.

2. She Was On Martha Stewart's Apprentice Spin-off

RHONY was not Bethenny's first time on reality TV. Bethenny competed on the short-lived series Apprentice: Martha Stewart and came in second place.

3. She Was A Production Assistant On Saved By The Bell

Originally, Bethenny moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career, but that did not exactly work out. Instead, she ended up working as a production assistant on the classic TV series Saved By the Bell .

4. She Knew Kyle Richards Before Real Housewives Existed

Bethenny met Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards when she was a hostess at a restaurant in Beverly Hills called La Scala. Then she ended up working as a personal assistant for Kyle's sister Kathy Hilton. She even used to drive Paris and Nicky Hilton to school back in the day.

5. She Is An NYU Alum

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bethenny graduated from New York University with degrees in communications and psychology. After graduation, she moved to LA to be an actress, but it didn't work out for her.

6. She Is Raising Her Daughter To Be A Vegetarian

Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On her blog, Bethenny revealed that she is raising her daughter Bryn to be a vegetarian. She wrote, “If Bryn is older and wants something at a party that isn’t vegetarian, I don’t want her to feel ostracized. She’ll find her way. I have eaten raw, vegan, vegetarian etc. and I love the feeling of eating all of those healthy foods and not incorporating meat.”

7. She Had Famous Clients When She Was a Healthy Food Chef

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According to People, Bethenny used to cook for actors including Mariska Hargitay, Michael J. Fox, Alicia Silverstone, and Denis Leary back in the day when she was focused on being a natural foods chef.

8. She Contributes To Magazines

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Bethenny has a health column in Hamptons Magazine , and also serves as a TV spokesperson for Health Magazine.

It's so strange to think that there are actually pieces of information that we might not know about Bethenny since she is always so open about her life, but just like any other human, there's always more to uncover.

Image: Bravo