'Jungle Book' In 3D Is An Absolute Must In Order To Fully Experience The Breathtaking Film

Like many other frequent moviegoers, I've grown a bit tired of seeing movies in 3D. Sure, there are the handful of films — Life of Pi, Hugo — that benefit from the technology, but the vast majority of 3D movies would be just fine without being viewed through awkward-fitting, headache-inducing glasses. And yet every once in awhile, you come across the rare movie where 3D enhances every frame, every moment, and makes it a wholly better film — and the 3D in The Jungle Book makes it just that type of movie.

Although Disney's latest take on Rudyard Kipling's classic tale would be a gorgeous movie even without 3D, thanks to its groundbreaking use of CGI, its reliance on 3D takes it to a new level. Despite being a part of countless movies over the last decade or so, the technique feels new in The Jungle Book, as if it's being used for the very first time. As viewed through the glasses, the movie is nothing less than a visual masterpiece, with every tree branch and elephant trunk waving out at the audience so naturally that you'll feel chills. When Mowgli (Neel Sethi) races through the jungle, you truly feel as if you're sprinting alongside him; when a malicious tiger's face pops out of nowhere, you're as scared as if it's actually 10 feet away. There's not a second that goes by in this movie that you're not entirely captivated by what's happening on-screen.


I'm not alone in feeling this way; many of The Jungle Book's reviews have enthusiastically praised the movie's use of 3D. Wrote Brandon Russell for TechnoBuffalo, "I don’t think there’s ever been a film—at least that I can recall—that’s used the technology so effectively to the point where regular 2D doesn’t do it justice. If ever Hollywood needed an argument for 3D to exist, this would be it." Echoed Mike Ryan at UpRoxx, "Within five minutes, I had already mouthed a few “holy sh*t”s at the 3D I was seeing. It’s so beautiful... This is one of those movies they should never release on Blu-ray and just re-release it every few years in 3D."

As many have noted, The Jungle Book marks the best use of 3D in film since perhaps Avatar, or at least Life of Pi. There's simply nothing like it in theaters now, and it'd be a shame to miss out on this experience. Still, if you're unable or unwilling to catch the movie in 3D, you'll still have a solid time at the movies; the film's CGI is so high-quality that you'll undoubtedly still be in awe. Yet if you do choose to see The Jungle Book in 3D, it'll make the experience as rewarding as it gets. You'll not only love the movie more, but have any doubt you may have had about 3D's usefulness in movies erased within seconds.

Images: Disney; Giphy