Yelp Removes Mock Reviews Of Homophobic Oklahoma Restaurant

Oh, Yelp, you've gone and ruined everybody's fun. On Wednesday, at the height of a hilarious viral campaign to re-brand a restaurant as "Oklahoma's Finest Gay Establishment" after the owner, Gary James, refused to serve gay customers, Yelp realized that something fishy was going on and deleted all the reviews for Oklahoma's Gary's Chicaros establishment. The eatery came under fire when the owner told a local news station last week that his restaurant wouldn't serve gay people, black people, disabled people, or anyone on welfare.

As Bustle reported:

“If you enjoy a long hunk of man meat with your well done cow meat,” wrote one reviewer, “the Chicaro Club is the place for you. Gary has truly outdone himself with the flamboyant, free atmosphere in his place.”
Added another: “Gary does’t serve tube steak. He asks for yours when you walk in the door. But don’t ask to use his backdoor, he saves that for minorities. Pretty cool gay bar though.”

All reviews on the Yelp and Facebook pages of Gary's Chicaros have been disabled, or at least suspended, as of Wednesday afternoon. James has refused to talk to reporters since expressing his white-supremacist views to local network KFOR last week, so now we know what he's been probably doing: Making angry calls to Yelp and Facebook.

Which doesn't make us like Gary any more than we did.

Though we weren't too fond of Gary to start with...

Last week, James told his local news station that he simply wouldn’t serve “freaks,” “f-ggots,” the disabled, or people on welfare. Past customers had told the news station that, yes, this was unfortunately true.
The official T-shirt of Gary’s Chicaros reads: “Where The Great Whites Gather.” Underneath, it adds: “N—– Free Zone,” in case you had any doubts.
James told KFOR: “I really don’t want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.”

Ugh. Gary.

Meanwhile, a petition is circling that calls on the state's attorney general to formally investigate Gary's Chicaro's serving practices.

Image: Getty Images