The One Shimmer Oil You Need This Summer

To snag that ultimate festival or beach #selfie, a shimmering complexion is a total must. And, after checking out the latest epic releases in the world of shimmering cosmetics, I'm pumped to reveal the one shimmer oil you need for festival and beach season. It's the perfect balance of shimmer to glimmer, smells like tropical bliss, and it's even good for your skin. What more could you ask for in a bottle?

My dear fest/beach bunny friends, the one shimmer oil you need this season is Coconut Body Glow from Kopari! It's the winner for a multitude of reasons, and will definitely give you that sexy, natural shimmer you're after.

First and foremost, Kopari is committed to creating good-for-you products, and their Coconut Body Glow is no exception. It's 100 percent free of silicones, parabens, and GMOs. #Score

The best part? Unlike using pure coconut oil that can start to look greasy, Kopari's shimmer oil is balanced with shea light, which "helps pure coconut oil lighten up and soak so deeply into skin and hair without feeling greasy. It also fixes temperature issues so coconut oil doesn’t solidify." Finished off with natural shine from mica and iron oxide minerals, even just a few dabs will give you tons of dewy glow.

It's so dreamy — prepare yourself!

Coconut Shimmer Oil, $42, Kopari Beauty

You won't even be able to handle how good this stuff smells, too.

Here are some other tips for how to wear the glowy goodness on your body:

1. For All Over Glow

For daytime, I say let the sunlight make you shine all over! Apply from head to toe for the ultimate #goddess look.

2. For Sultry Shimmer

To create a sexy nighttime glow, apply shimmer oil to your shoulders, collar bones, chest, and calves.

3. For A Stunning Highlight

To make your face pop, add just a touch of shimmer oil to your cheekbones, collarbone, and the skin right above your eyebrows. You can also mix it with your foundation for an overall bronze on your face.

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Images: @Koparibeauty/Instagram