Hillary's New 404 Error Page Is Perfect

by Chris Tognotti

Sometimes in politics, you have to know when to brace for impact, and when to shrug something off and make light of it. It's a lesson that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has learned all too well throughout the years. So when the Republicans had a little fun at her expense this week — mocking her several attempts to swipe her MetroCard through a subway turnstile ― she decided to have a laugh herself. Clinton joked about her NYC subway turnstile trouble in the form of a clever website 404 message.

Let's face it, you've probably run straight into a 404 notification at some point. It's the error message for when a URL address is not found — if you made a typo in the URL, for example, or somebody botched adding in a link on a website. Political campaigns will sometimes roll out amusing jokes to go with any error messages for would-be voters who try to visit a nonexistent part of their website (Jeb Bush's used to simply say "wat," possibly in an attempt to appeal to hip young Jeb!-loving millennials).

So of course, when the internet was met with images of Clinton repeatedly trying and failing to get her MetroCard to scan and get through to the subway, her campaign decided to use it to their advantage. So what so you get when you visit a broken link on

That's right: a high-quality GIF of Clinton's turnstile mishap. Although it sells the whole incident a little short, as she had to swipe her card a full five times before getting through. For what it's worth, while the scene was predictably used to tar her as out-of-touch (former Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich did so, though in 2012 he seemed to think that riding the subway was rather elitist behavior), it's the type of snafu that anybody who rides public transit is going to run into now and again.

For what it's worth, however, Clinton did make her train, and now her campaign's apparently down to joke about it. And it's not as if her opposition in the Democratic race would've done any better. When asked how one rides the subway by The New York Daily News, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders suggested that you needed a token, which were phased out by the city back in 2003. So why not have a little fun with it, right?

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