11 Memes For National Grilled Cheese Day

That feeling you get when you're presented with a melty mess of gooey cheese pressed between two perfectly crisped pieces of bread? That's love in its purest form, and it deserves to be celebrated. April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day, and even if you don't have your favorite sandwich warm in your hands, these funny grilled cheese memes should be able to hold you over until you are able to say hello to your favorite meal. Grilled cheese for lunch? Grilled cheese for dinner? Grilled cheese for an after-dinner snack? Anything is possible on this glorious, cheese-filled holiday, so start prepping the bread now.

Obviously, the best way to celebrate a day so esteemed as National Grilled Cheese Day is with a grilled cheese sandwich — duh. Really, the best way to celebrate any day is with a grilled cheese sandwich, a point I plan to bring up one day when it comes time to plan my wedding. But in the absence of butter, cheese, and bread, allow these memes to treat you to endless laughs, if not endless noms. They won't be able to fill the void in your rumbling stomach right now, but they will provide the inspiration you need to pick up your fave pressed sandwich, immediately.

It's only the best day in the entire world

The only thing better than Ryan Gosling? Ryan Gosling offering you a grilled cheese sandwich.

With this type of dream team on your side, nothing can go wrong.

The thing about burnt grilled cheese is that it's still better than no grilled cheese at all, and that's a fact.

Honestly, we might never get all the answers we need.

That feeling of pure joy that comes over you when you realize you have grilled cheese to look forward to...

This is my worst nightmare, TBH.

Come to mama and don't ever leave.

National Grilled Cheese Day is a more serious holiday than you ever imagined.

So make sure to work one into your National Grilled Cheese Day rotation.

And I mean everything.

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