Kylie Might Have Non-Lip Products Launching Soon

by Kali Borovic

Normally it's Kylie Jenner giving the hints to her new products, but not this time. According to the fan blog, Kylie Jenner may be releasing eye shadow in the very near future. The site found a trademark filed by Jenner for the name Kyshadow (as well as Kyliner and Kybrow), which pretty much sounds like a punny take on her own eyeshadow collection. When will Kyshadow be available? There's no official date yet — the brand did not respond to Bustle's request to comment — but it's safe to say the launch will likely be soon.

With the Lip Kits growing fast, it only makes sense that Jenner be looking to expand to other products sometime in the future. There were originally hints that Jenner was creating a foundation next, but now it seems more clear that eye products are what's immediately in store. The United States Patent & Trademark Office shows that the trademark requests for all three names were filed on April 4, proving that more products are indeed on the way. Of course, there's no telling how how long it will take for the new makeup to hit the market, but it's still pretty exciting news.

The trademark description says that Kyshadow will consist of eye shadows, eye shadow brushes, and makeup kits comprised of both. That pretty much makes it sound like Kylie Eye Kits and loose shadows are the next big thing for Kylie Cosmetics. There's no doubt in my mind that these will be the next big hit, no matter when they launch.

Although Jenner's hair and lip colors are constantly changing, she sticks to mainly neutrals for her eye makeup. I'm willing to bet that she would keep to the neutral shades for her very first eyeshadow launch, just like she did for her Lip Kit and Gloss products. There's no telling what direction that the products could go in though.

In addition to Kyshadow, Jenner also seems to have trademarked the names Kybrows and Kyliner as well, so her fans could have a full line of eye products available in no time. There's no doubt in my mind that she'd make fabulous eye products, since she's constantly changing up her products and asking for her fans' feedback. The 18-year-old clearly takes her company very seriously.

Hopefully Jenner will share some details on her social media pages in the near future, like she does with every other launch. I guess we'll all have to wait and see!