Who Is Autumn Chase On 'Nashville'? Alicia Witt Will Become A Major Player In Season 4

While some guest stars have a tendency to come and go, it seems as though Alicia Witt's role as Autumn Chase on Nashville isn't going to be a one-and-done type of deal, which will quite literally prove to be music to our ears. But who exactly is Autumn Chase and how will her character come to fit into the Nashville family? Based on what we know so far, Miss Chase has just recently nabbed The Exes singers Scarlett and Gunnar to be the opening act for her tour, while leaving poor Layla out in the cold once more. (That girl really can't ever catch a break.) But that's only a small part of where Autumn's storyline is heading.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this country music sensation is described as "a respected singer who’s paid her dues and who’s managed to both cross over to pop, and thrive in the era of bro country ... Never married, but perpetually involved, Autumn struggles to find real love in her life." That last part in particular caught my interest since we have yet to see any love interest pop up for her thus far, which makes me think a romance will eventually bloom between her and a main character on the show. Otherwise, why bother mentioning her love life at all? And if I had to place bets on anyone right now, I'd say that Gunnar stands the greatest chance of catching her eye.

Now that The Exes are part of her tour, that means she's most likely be spending a lot of time with both Scarlett and Gunnar. And let's be honest here, Gunnar is definitely easy on the eyes. When you combine that with his swoon-worthy voice and guitar playing skills, it wouldn't be difficult to understand the appeal. Not to mention it would undoubtedly cause tension between him and Scarlett, since it's clear that she's not over him even after all this time.

But regardless of how that aspect of her story arc plays out, fans also have a major Friday Night Lights reunion to look forward to in the meantime when Rayna and Autumn hit the stage together. As I'm sure many of you already know, before Nashville, Connie Britton starred as Tami Taylor on the former NBC hit series. However, what you may not have realized was that Witt — who just so happened to be an accomplished singer/songwriter IRL — also appeared on the football-centric show as Becky Sproles’ single mom Cheryl. So seeing these two up on stage together, singing, is sure to hit you right in the feels.

Clear eyes, full hearts — this character team-up can't lose!

Images: Mark Levine/ABC (3)