Juliette & Avery May Be Over On 'Nashville'

As much as I really want Juliette and Avery to get back together on Nashville, I just don’t think the writers are going to let it happen without a fight. Hayden Panettiere is still missing from the show, off because her own bout of postpartum depression, and while Juliette is away, Avery is playing. Well, not really. Avery is actually picking up the pieces of his broken marriage (and new divorce), and he just happened to meet a very nice young single mom, Sienna, on the playground. These two seem to be hitting it off — Will Avery and Sienna date on Nashville ? Or will Avery’s issues with Juliette slow him down?

Sienna totally played it cool when she approached Avery on the playground. She pretended to have a toy of Cadence’s and attempted small talk. I guess that’s how you make contact when you have a small child in tow. Anyway, they struck up a conversation, then made a date, then hung out like that night, and then went on another date. Moving too fast? A little. And Sienna agreed, considering that Avery apparently talked about Juliette the entire time. Rule #1 when going on a first date? Don’t talk about the ex. Avery broke that rule, and Sienna deemed him “not ready yet” to date. Will it stick? I don’t really think so — Avery wants out of Juliette’s clutches and Sienna is really cute.

So what happens now? I’m not sure if anything does — not for a while, anyway. I think us viewers have to wait for Juliette to come back in person until we can reach any resolution for Juliette and Avery. While I want them to be together, I also really want them to be happy, and I’m just not sure if those things are mutually exclusive or not. Sienna would make a lovely girlfriend, but I just think that Juliette and Avery are meant to be together. Oh, Nashville gods, please spare my fave couple!

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; Giphy