What Is Michael Wainstein's Net Worth? The 'Real Housewives Of New York' Husband Is Making Bank

Jules Wainstein made her Real Housewives of New York City debut on the Season 7 premiere, and judging from the first episode, it seems like she might last for many future seasons. Also featured on the show was Jules' husband, Michael, who, as the owner and founder of Private Capital Group, a venture capitalist firm, is said to be the breadwinner of the family — but just what is Michael Wainstein's net worth? He's clearly a very successful businessman, so it's not that surprising that The Net Worth estimates that Michael's net worth is $25 million.

If this number is true, the Wainstein family certainly stacks up against almost all of the other RHONY cast in terms of impressive wallets. Viewers have seen how, because of Michael's successful work managing what Crunchbase calls "investment experience in a wide range of industries," he has been able to provide a very comfortable lifestyle in New York for his family. In one of the most expensive cities in the world, the RH families all like to have a good time, from taking semi-regular trips to their second houses in the Hamptons to eating and drinking at the best restaurants and bars in the city. It's a lifestyle that the Wainsteins already know inside and out, as proven by the events below.

They Host A Great Dinner Party

It looks like Michael and Jules routinely invite over a big group of family and friends for Shabbat dinner. And check out their literally gilded dinner table. Cool, right?

They Let Their Kids Experience NYC Dining

While a lot of parents might resign themselves to eating a lot of chicken nuggets when they have young kids, Michael and Jules don't shy away from fancy restaurants.

They Celebrate With Trips To Rome

This makes me want to see the RHONY get a tour of Italy from the Wainsteins, who look like they can make even a busy city like Rome into their own private villa.

They Buy Mommy & Me Designer Outfits

Jules' daughter looks like she could pass as her mom's actual tiny twin, $400 gladiator sandals and all.

They Spare No Expense For Halloween

No hastily pinned together construction paper for this couple. A pair who go all out on Halloween even when they've been married for eight years seem like a lot of fun, and you can bet they probably throw a great party (or, at least, know where to find one).

They Give Their Kids Walk-In Closets

Or, at least, they would be walk-ins, if they weren't so filled with well-organized designer toddler clothes. That closet space is worth its weight in diamonds in New York City.

They Know How To Get Out Of The City

That paddleboarding trip looks like the absolute serene opposite to New York City.

I can't wait to see what other ways the Wainstein family fits in with the Real Housewives of New York — and to see the methods in which Michael's business expertise and party planning experience might even give Jules an edge when it comes to recommending new ways for the cast to be the biggest group of high-rollers in the tri-state area.