'Doctor Stranger' Unveils A Brand New Poster

by Michelle Lulic

Marvel finally has its Doctor in the house. Amidst the hype of Captain America: Civil War, the comic book giant is making sure that fans also remain excited about the next new franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Doctor Strange. this newest superhero to hit the big-screen is Dr. Stephen Strange, "a brilliant but arrogant and conceited surgeon," who ends up having magical powers and the ability to fight evil at his fingertips. And, on Tuesday Doctor Strange's first official poster was released, and it's clear that his world of power and magic is a whole lot different than the alien forces the Avengers have been protecting the world from so far.

The new look at the film through the eyes of this poster may not give us a clear view of the main character (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) himself, but it does provide us with a look through the window of what appears to be the Sorcerer's very own Sanctum Sanctorum — a window in which fans may immediately recognize from the drawings of his townhouse in the comic books. And, even if you've never seen this glass window before, it's hard to deny just how magical it all seems. Take a look at the poster for yourself.

Perhaps further looks at the upcoming Doctor Strange film will get you more excited than the awesome poster. Aside from the character photos already released through Entertainment Weekly that feature Cumberbatch's latest role, Marvel is also set to release the very first sneak peak of the film during the April 12 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. While there's no word yet on exactly what the new clip will feature, what I do know for sure is that Benedict Cumberbatch will be on the show to present the clip himself.

Next up on the Marvel schedule is the May 6 release of Captain America: Civil War, but Doctor Strange will be hitting theaters November 4. Prepare yourself for a whole new, Benedict Cumberbatch-filled Marvel experience.