John Mayer Supporting Shia LaBeouf On Twitter Is Confusing But Oddly Heartwarming

While we were all still trying to figure out whether or not Shia LaBeouf's latest stunts are for real or not, John Mayer was weighing in on the Nymphomaniac star's antics. The former World's Biggest Jerk, who's since rehabilitated his image, officially threw his support behind the current Biggest Jerk on Tuesday night with a series of tweets on his recently reactivated Twitter account. Mayer, whose heart really seems to be in the right place on this, tweeted three times "Re: Shia" about why it's okay for the star to be acting out the way he is. Bizarre, yes, but we can't help but think "aww" about his act of brotherly love to a fellow Hollywood bad boy.

Mayer might be the best person (other than the original life-as-bizarre-performance-art perpetrator, Joaquin Phoenix) to comment on and offer a hand to LaBeouf. The Paradise Valley singer spent a significant amount of the mid-to-late 2000s being Hollywood's "bad boy", the ultimate kiss-and-tell boyfriend, and all around worst person ever. (Ugh, that Playboy interview in 2010.) Thankfully, Mayer's recovered and is now happily in an adorable (if not nauseating) relationship with Katy Perry — I guess now that he's on the "other side" of his Hollywood breakdown he can extend support to others with their own plights.

Here are Mayer's tweet regarding Shia LaBeouf's latest dramatic "performance art":

Preach it, Mayer, because you're making some really great points here about figuring out what one's place in the world is all about via whatever means necessary. And we'll be sad to see his prophetic moment end up being in vain when Shia reveals that this was all one big, huge joke on the world.

Either way, it's heartwarming to see a guy who's been there go out on a limb (while pretty much everyone else is making fun of Shia/wishing he would just shut up) to support the guy currently wearing the World's Biggest Jerk crown proudly. It's also great to see John Mayer seeming older and wiser not that he's past his phase, just saying.

Keep preaching, John Mayer, because we're listening.

Image: Getty Images