John Mayer Tweets for Katy Perry and Single People Around the World Cringe

Last night, John Mayer briefly took over Katy Perry’s Twitter account when the pop star was too busy “getting over Stevie Nicks dedicating Landslide to us at the Fleetwood Mac concert.” Because, sure, every couple has magic moments just like that. I once had a boyfriend...nope. Nevermind. Not even close. The ooey-gooey couple were at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last night when the love fest occurred and they received special props from Ms. Nicks. Once again, because, sure, that’s life.

The pair have been in a Twitter love frenzy with the recent release of the video for their duet “Who You Love.” GET IT? BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. Okay, okay, fine…I’m not trying to hate on love or anything. But c’mon guys, it’s still the holidays and single people around the world suffer through enough couples being smug and entitled 24/7. We don’t need it from you too. We actually really like you guys. Give us a break, eh?

Though, admittedly, Mayer’s tweets were super cute and I for one am just glad he didn’t post something like, “My boyfriend’s body is a wonderland LOL” or “The rumors are TRUE (winky face) (eggplant emoji).” So maybe pump the brakes a bit on the saccharine tweets and spare us just a bit. We’ve still got Valentine’s Day to get through and we don’t need any more of this:

Or These:

Oh good, now you two are punny as well. *Sobs*

I'm pretty sure that's what a break-up feels like.

Sure, John. Because we’d really love to snuggle up with your single rather than an actual human person *Sobs*