What's Heather Thomson Doing Now? The 'Real Housewives Of New York City' Star Is Living A Much More Private Life

If you watched the premiere of Real Housewives of New York City Season 8, you must have noticed that Heather Thomson is no longer a part of the show. It makes sense since no one can be on reality TV forever, but now her fans won't get the same kind of access to her life. I imagine that it would be a relief at first to escape the constant camera coverage, but I also feel like former Housewives would miss their costars, the opportunities afforded by the show, and quite frankly, the regular attention that comes with that level of exposure. So, what is Heather Thomson up to these days as she lives her post Real Housewives life?

I am super curious to find out if Heather is still in touch with the other RHONY ladies. I'm sure she and LuAnn de Lesseps are not in touch after the Countess famously told her, "Don't be all uncool." But what about the other women?

Just because Heather no longer carries the official title of being a Real Housewife that doesn't mean that her life suddenly got less interesting. I am sure that Heather is super busy living life to the fullest, spending time with her family, and overusing the word "holla" like she always has.

Here's what Heather has been up to since her departure from reality television.

Taking Care Of Her Son

Fans saw Heather's son Jax struggle with his hearing issues on the show, so it is nice to see that his mom still has an optimistic outlook and is doing whatever she can to help and support him.

Traveling With Her Family

It looks like Heather is having way more enjoyable trips with her family than she ever had with her old cast mates.

Chilling With Kristen Taekman

Even though they are both off the show this season, it looks like the friendship between Heather and Kristen is genuine and goes beyond reality TV.

Promoting Her Products

Heather is one of the few women in this TV franchise who does not actually need to be on a reality show to have business success. She is killing it on her own as a business woman.

Working On Her Fitness

If you follow her on social media, it is so clear that she is genuinely dedicated to working out.

Hanging With Carole

Even though Carole is still a part of the cast and Heather isn't, these two still seem to be the best of friends.

Hitting The Slopes

Heather is a super active person and has enjoyed spending her time skiing... and getting away from the TV drama, I assume.

Being Charitable

Heather knows that it is important to give back when you can and has continued to support charitable organizations including UNICEF.

Using The Word "Holla" Whenever Possible (Still)

You can take the girl out of reality TV, but you can't take the reality TV out of the girl. Heather is still saying and hashtagging the word "holla" whenever she possibly can.

It seems like Heather is perfectly fine having a life that is more private, and while we can't see her on TV anymore, I'm sure her fans will be glad to see she's happy.