Who Is Cash Gray On 'Nashville'? Jessy Schram Could Cause Trouble For Deacon

When it comes to delivering A-list guest stars, Nashville never disappoints. From Brad Paisley to Kelly Clarkson, there's no limit to who can pop up on this ABC country drama. And while many of them leave just as fast as they appear, there's one person in particular who's cropped up on more than a few occasions. I'm referring, of course, to the Nashville character Cash Gray, played by Jessy Schram, who has become best known as the daughter of Deacon’s business partner/AA sponsor, Frankie, and current BFF/role model to Maddie. However, don't be mistaken in thinking that this is the actress' first experience on a popular primetime series. In fact, this isn't even her first time on ABC. Schram also played Ella on Once Upon a Time. And yes, by Ella I do mean of the "Cinder" variety.

Granted, her appearance on the fairytale drama has only amounted to a few episode cameos thus far, but on the upside, it's allowed her to take on a much more prominent role on Nashville, which should be picking up some steam in the upcoming weeks. Based on the episode description for Wednesday night's episode "When There’s a Fire in Your Heart," as Maddie continues to grow closer to Cash, it ends up causing "tension with Deacon as he questions her motives and interest in his daughter."

So what exactly could Cash's motives be? Perhaps Deacon becomes worried that she's only using Maddie to advance her own career. Viewers know that Maddie's been helping her write songs lately, so maybe Cash grows tired of sharing credit with someone else and tries to take all the glory for herself. However, that's definitely not the only option in play here. Cash seems to have grown extremely fond of Maddie since they first met. In fact, she almost seemed jealous whenever Maddie went to go hang out with her boyfriend, Colt. Is it possible that Cash has developed romantic feelings toward Maddie? Now that she's no longer with Colt, it would be the perfect time to bring this potential storyline into play.

Granted, it's important to note that this is all speculation right now, but I can't deny that it certainly would make for a compelling plot development, not to mention help lay the groundwork for a very important topic in general. Nashville may not go in that direction, but whatever Cash’s future on the series, it’s bound to be interesting.

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