Is 'Rogue One''s Jyn Erso Connected To Luke Skywalker? Maybe, If Rey's Involved

Upon the release of the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the fan theories have been running wild. Why? Because there's a whole new slew of characters in the Star Wars galaxy, of course — and now fans are curious to see if the connections are there. However, with little more than the release of the film's first trailer, there really isn't much to base the theories off of. And with Rogue One set to be taking place between Episode III and Episode IV in relation to the original film trilogies, the timeline of these characters certainly need to be taken into consideration as well. So — with the Skywalker family being at the helm of the Star Wars franchise — Is R ogue One 's Jyn Erso connected to Luke Skywalker? That is definitely one of the big questions.

First off, let's look at some of the already fan theories that may, in fact, make Jyn Erso's connections to Luke quite prevalent. For example, in spite of actress Daisy Ridley's comments denying the connection, rumors are swirling about the possibility that Jyn Erso could, in fact, be Rey's mom. Between the actress' strong resemblances, both characters' strength to fight against the Dark Side, and their ages lining up perfectly so, the theory actually would make sense. And, meshing that theory along with the possible theory that Luke is, in fact Rey's dad, a hook-up happening between those two at some point after Return of The Jedi is not totally unlikely age-wise. Therefore, Jyn Erso technically could be connected to Luke in the form of a former lover or — at some point — wife.

However, Jyn being Rey's mom doesn't necessarily mean that her only connection to Luke is if Luke is indeed Rey's father. Instead, Jyn could know Luke from the days in which Rey possibly trained with Luke in the past. Before Kylo Ren lost his temper, Rey's family was taken away from her, and Luke left for the Jedi Temple, they all could have happily existed talking and training together in Jakku. And Jyn and the rest of the young Jedi could have been taken by Kylo Ren right in front of Luke's very own eyes — leaving Rey behind.

Meanwhile, there are also other ways in which Jyn and Luke could be connected to one another in a less romantic or Rey-related sense. On the flip side of things, Jyn could just end up being a close friend of Luke's during the time before The Force Awakens as well. Being that she is in close connections with the rebellion (we do know that the plans to the Death Star end up in the right hands) and Princess Leia became the General, odds are their paths crossed at some point. In fact, how do we know that Jyn working with Luke in some way isn't part of the storyline that drove Luke away from all of his family and friends (aside from the fact that Kylo Ren went to the Dark Side, of course). In fact, perhaps Jyn ends up being less than a companion, but an enemy? Considering her apparent lack of the power of the Force and her strong, unruly nature, who's to say that she stayed on the side of the light all of these years? We've seen Anakin Skywalker turn. She could easily betray the likes of Luke and the rebellion as well. All I'm saying is, let's not be so quick to trust her, right?

But now an even stronger question comes into play: Could there be a blood relation between her and Luke? This is where I'm finding their connection very unlikely. Considering that we already know that Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are Luke and Leia's parents and that Luke and Jyn are roughly the same age, then falling along the same family tree is unlikely. Unless there's some kind of unknown cousin family tree we have yet to be introduced to. But, hey, you never know!

And, hopefully, we will know eventually. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story soars into theaters December 16, 2016.

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