All The Ways Kris Jenner's Trying To Prove To Us That She's A "Cool Mom"

Kris Jenner manages to impressive and weird us out on a consistent basis — and today was no exception. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians momager was the subject of Kim Kardashian's "Woman Crush Wednesday" or "#WCW" on her Instagram account earlier today. The future Mrs. Kanye West took a break from posting her trademark selfies and photos of her adorable daughter, North West, to share a photo of Kris hanging upside down from a stripper pole. First — good for you for working it, Kris, and second — what in the hell?

We aren't surprised at all that Kris Jenner takes pole dancing classes with Sheila Kelley — she has to be keeping that hot bod in shape somehow, right? I mean, she did post photographic proof that Kim Kardashian got her body from her momma back in January with that photo of Jenner bikini-clad and lounging by her pool. To say the least, we're incredibly impressed that the 58 year-old mother of six is effortlessly dangling from a stripper pole — I definitely wouldn't be able to do that and you probably couldn't either.

And so continues the saga of Kris Jenner trying to prove to us that she's a "cool mom". Which is really unnecessary considering if she wasn't one, her daughters' friends (we're looking at you, Jonathan Cheban) wouldn't be jumping at the opportunity to hang with her.

From bikini-selfies to stripper poles — here's all of the ways that Kris Jenner is trying to prove to us that she's a "cool mom":

She Supported Kim Posing For Playboy

Mother knows best...

The Bikini Photo

Take that, Kim.

She Likes To Party

Us too, Kris.

She Photobombs

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images


She Raps

With Nicole Richie and lets her kids film it.

She Posts Comments Like These On Her Kids Instagrams

Definitely a cool mom if you're borrowing her stuff without asking.

The Stripper Pole Photo


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