When Will 'Those Who Can't' Season 2 Premiere? Get Schooled In These Comedies While You Wait

TruTV's first attempt at full-length scripted comedy, Those Who Can't, seems to have gone pretty well for the network. It renewed the half-hour comedy about a group of terribly apathetic and inept high school teachers for a second season before the series even premiered in December 2015, Variety reported. So as we head toward the end of Season 1 on Thursday, April 14, I have to wonder: When will Those Who Can't Season 2 premiere?

Unfortunately, no official premiere date has been announced for Season 2 of Those Who Can't just yet. But what do you expect? The show is just about to air its Season 1 finale, after all.

However, when truTV announced the Season 2 renewal of Those Who Can't, the network said that it had ordered 13 episodes for its sophomore effort "that are slated to air later in the year," according to a press release. So that probably means we won't have to wait too, too long before new episodes of Those Who Can't are back in our lives. That's certainly good news for Those Who Can't fans.

But of course that still means we're going to have to go without new episodes of Those Who Can't for a bit of time once Thursday's Season 1 finale is said and done. What oh what are we going to watch in the meantime?

Luckily, the trials and tribulations experienced in school, particularly those in high school, have provided TV writers with a lot of material for decades. So there are plenty of school-focused TV shows featuring unforgettable students and teachers that should entertain you for at least 22 minutes at a time. Here are a few TV comedies that you might want to study up on before Those Who Can't is back in session.

Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World is definitely a lot more earnest of a comedy than Those Who Can't, but I challenge you to not smile at least once during an episode filled with its signature brand of wholesome humor. And then there's Mr. Feeny. Need I say more?


Community is a school comedy that's more akin to Those Who Can't. The series follows a study group of misfits as they try to make their way through community college. And hilarity ensues! But seriously. Community could quite possibly be the funniest and most-out-there school comedy you'll ever see.

Strangers with Candy

Speaking of unconventional comedies, Strangers with Candy pretty much takes the cake (er, candy?) in that department. The cult favorite Comedy Central series follows the misadventures of a middle-aged former drug addict named Jerri Blank, who returns to high school to get a fresh start. Jerri is wonderfully played by Amy Sedaris, and Stephen Colbert stars as one of her teachers. One of the stars of Those Who Can't, Maria Thayer, was also in Strangers with Candy , according to her bio on the show's website, in case you need yet another reason to love this show.


Glee made me laugh, cry, and sing along for six seasons, so if you're looking for a school-centric TV show that has a bit of everything in it, this is it. In fact, you don't have to like school, comedy, or music to like Glee, although it definitely helps. You just need to be able to appreciate good storytelling.


But if you want a comedy that's a bit on the darker side, look no further than Daria. The MTV animated series follows the smart and sardonic titular character as she tries her best to survive high school among naive classmates and incompetent teachers. Sure, it's a jaded look at the high school experience, but it's witty and hilarious all the same.

Vice Principals

Full disclosure: Vice Principals premieres on HBO in July, according to Variety, so I have no idea if it's actually worth watching. But it looks to be in the same vein of Those Who Can't with adults acting more like children as vice principals Neal Gamby (Danny McBride) and Lee Russell (Walton Goggins) stop at nothing to earn the top spot of high school principal. And with talent like McBride, Goggins, and Busy Philipps in the project, Vice Principals seems worth a shot.

But if none of these comedies make the grade, Those Who Can't will probably be back before you know it.

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