PrideBites Treats Your Pet With Personalization

You wouldn't want to own the same exact accessories as everyone else, would you? Well, neither would your dog... probably. Luckily, PrideBites, which appeared on Shark Tank on April 8, exists to give pups the unique toys, blankets, and other products they deserve. If this brand got your pet's tail wagging, you're going to need to know where to buy PrideBites and give your furry best friend some fully customizable accessories.

Tell Fido it's all good — PrideBites products are available for purchase on the brand's official website and in more than 2,000 stores across the U.S. and Canada, according to Forbes. PrideBites lets a dog's owner (you) take control of the whole pet product-buying and doesn't let you settle for a plain ol' doggy bed or a standard puppy collar. "For us to be able to showcase PrideBites.com on a national stage like Shark Tank is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," founder and CEO Steven Blustein told Pet Product News. "There’s no such thing as a generic dog, so pet lovers shouldn’t have to settle for generic toys and products. Our mission is to give everyone personalized products that are just as unique as their pooches." Here's what else you should know about PrideBites before it becomes your pet's favorite company.

Their Story

The Austin-based company was started by a group of "dog-loving college friends," according to the PrideBites website. In the same article previously mentioned, Forbes reported that Blustein started PrideBites while he was a student at the University of Kansas, studying taxation. The company was founded in 2012 and made $2 million within its first three years of operation.

"We were a group of dog loving college students who wanted to create better quality pet products with more fun choices," he told Forbes. "While watching the emergence of sites like NikeID, we believed that we could build the same unique experience for pet parents everywhere, allowing them to make products as unique as their pups."

How It Works

PrideBites breaks it down on their website: "1. Pick It; 2. Personalize It; and 3. 'Pooch' It." (The last one means the dog gets to use the products.) "The industry research we conducted indicated that consumers want more control and personalization in the products they purchase," Blustein told Forbes.

Products Available

PrideBites currently offers a variety of blankets, beds, toys, collars, leashes, placemats, coats, toy baskets, and hoodies, with prices varying from $19.99 to $89.99 depending on the item.

Ways To Personalize

The products are fully customizable — which includes more than just putting your dog's name on it. According to the company website, you can choose the size, the product colors, and even add photos.

Pre-Made Designs

Not in the mood to make your own? PrideBites also features ready-made designs with some pun-tastic names based off real designers, like Ruff Lauren, Calvin Canine, Giorgio Arfmani, Kate Spayed, and Vera Wag. So clever and cute.

Image: Beth Dubber/ABC